Scramble School

Fun Family Activities

If you have a go at one of our activities, please share photos of your creations! 

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Activity 1: Phonetic Alphabet

Activity 2: Bentley Priory Timeline Scramble’s History of Bentley Priory

Activity 3: WWII Rationing Eggless Chocolate Cake

Activity 4: Bentley Priory and the Battle of Britain BoB Fact Finder

Activity 5: Squadron Crest

Activity 6: Spitfires and Hurricanes Spitfire and Hurricane Factsheet

Spitfire Glider Spitfire Glider – sketch

Hurricane Glider Hurricane Glider – sketch

Activity 7: VE Day Activity

Activity 8: Medals for Heroes Activity

Activity 9: Diary Writing Activity

Activity 10: Garden Wildlife Activity

Activity 11: Pilot ID Spitfire Colouring Hurricane Colouring

Activity 12: Aircraft ID Activity

Activity 13: Battle of Britain Poetry Activity Pilot Poetry The One, The Few, The Many

Activity 14: Edwardian School Activity

Activity 15: Bentley Priory Storytelling Activity

Activity 16: Filter Room Activity FR Activity Answers


Scramble Colouring

Activity 1: Queen Victoria-Royal Artist Victorian Frame

Activity 2: Carrots and WWII Easter Carrot Cone WWII Carrot Cookies

Activity 3: Make an Edible Plane

Activity 4: VE Day 75 Bunting

Activity 5: Make a Mini Victory Garden

Activity 6: Mascot Activity

Activity 7: Paper Airplanes

Classic Dart Airplane Arrow Airplane Bullet Airplane

Activity 8: Map Skills

Activity 9: Make your own Compass

Float your compass

Activity 10: Make your own binoculars

Activity 11: Make your own shadow torch

Activity 12: Mrs Beeton – Queen Cakes