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Scramble School

Fun Family Activities

Lots of you will be learning from home over the coming weeks, and whilst the museum is closed we will be bringing Scramble School to your sofa!

Each week we will add fun new activities and crafts here for you to enjoy as a family (Commencing: Monday 23rd March).

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If you have a go at one of our activities, please share photos of your creations! 

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Activity 1: Phonetic Alphabet

Activity 2: Bentley Priory Timeline Scramble’s History of Bentley Priory

Activity 3: WWII Rationing Eggless Chocolate Cake

Activity 4: Bentley Priory and the Battle of Britain BoB Fact Finder

Activity 5: Squadron Crest

Activity 6: Spitfires and Hurricanes Spitfire and Hurricane Factsheet

Spitfire Glider Spitfire Glider – sketch

Hurricane Glider Hurricane Glider – sketch

Activity 7: VE Day Activity

Activity 8: Medals for Heroes Activity

Activity 9: Diary Writing Activity

Activity 10: Garden Wildlife Activity

Activity 11: Pilot ID Spitfire Colouring Hurricane Colouring

Activity 12: Aircraft ID Activity

Activity 13: Battle of Britain Poetry Activity Pilot Poetry The One, The Few, The Many


Scramble Colouring

Activity 1: Queen Victoria-Royal Artist Victorian Frame

Activity 2: Carrots and WWII Easter Carrot Cone WWII Carrot Cookies

Activity 3: Make an Edible Plane

Activity 4: VE Day 75 Bunting

Activity 5: Make a Mini Victory Garden

Activity 6: Mascot Activity

Activity 7: Paper Airplanes

Classic Dart Airplane Arrow Airplane Bullet Airplane

Activity 8: Map Skills

Activity 9: Make your own Compass

Float your compass

Activity 10: Make your own binoculars

Activity 11: Make your own shadow torch