Roll of Honour


Dimensions: 5cm x 25cm
Material: Book

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Roll of Honour Audio MP3 File

The Battle of Britain Roll of Honour is a large book displayed in an oak display case in the Entrance Hall of Bentley Priory.

The Roll of Honour commemorates the pilots and aircrew who lost their lives during the Battle of Britain in 1940, while carrying out operational duties for RAF Fighter Command.

The book is leather bound with cream pages. Names are written in black, in alphabetical order. There are 435 pilots and 63 aircrew listed in the book, of different nationalities. Each name is written in large font; below in smaller font is their rank and squadron.

The book’s display case is positioned at waist height and has a locked glass top allowing the open book to be viewed. There are two brass plaques on the display case. The first reads ‘This display case was presented by Air Vice-Marshal PA Latham CB AFC RAF Air Officer Commanding No 11 Group 3 September 1977 – 7 January 1981. ’

The second plaque states that The Battle of Britain Roll of Honour was donated by the British Aerospace Aircraft group.

This particular edition of the Roll of Honour was issued to honour the Battle of Britain’s 40th Anniversary, in 1980.