KS4 Cold War Workshop

All workshops are led by our Learning Manager and supported by a volunteer-led exploration of the Museum.

Bentley Priory and the Cold War

Enhance your students’ understanding and exploration of the Cold War with a  visit to Bentley Priory Museum. Bentley Priory’s Top Secret Bunker was a hub of
essential activity from World War II and through the Cold War until the RAF base’s closure in 2008.

As part of this interactive visit, students will work as a team to identify, map and calculate threatened nuclear attacks on Britain, listen to oral histories of personnel who worked there, and visit the imposing entrance of the former Bunker (now filled in).

Points of Learning: Overview of the Cold War, Arms Race, Cold War Crises.
Skills: Teamwork, Historical Enquiry, Map Reading & Coordinates.
Cost: £4 per student.

Downloadable resources

To help you prepare for your trip, we supply helpful pre-visit materials, some of which can be downloaded here. Others will be sent to you after your booking is confirmed.

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