Our Colourists

Richard James Molloy (ColourByRJM) is a colourisation artist that specialises in the digital colouring of historical military images. Using research based on known colours and historic colour charts Richard is able to construct accurate colour representations of period images. He is a regular contributor to Iron Cross magazine and has just seen the release of The Battle of Britain in Colour, a Book covering all aspects of the battle of britian presented in over 170 colourised images.

Doug Banks a retiree, amateur historian and digital colourist. My interest in WW2 aircraft began as my first job was working in my brother-in-law’s model aircraft shop. I live very near to Shoreham airport and until the air disaster in 2015, the constant sound of Merlin engines could be heard as the aircraft flew over my house during the annual airshow. I feel proud to be involved in the Battle of Britain event at Bentley Priory Museum to celebrate the 80th anniversary this Summer.